Signed a co-development agreement of Novel anticancer drug discovery with KYNOGEN (2021.1.22.) ​


Signed a M.O.U with University of Groningen (2020.1.3) ​

Exhibited “Pharmulator Ver. 1.0” at CES2020 (2020.1.7)

"Pharmulator" Domestic Showcase at COEX (2020. 2.4.)

Licensing of Novel Oral Anti-Coagulant compound targeting Factor IX to Leto Science (2020. 3.11.)

Co-development and licensing Agreement with Genesen Co., on developing Multiple Sclerosis targeting S1PR5 (2020.3.23.)

Joint Development Consortium on developing COVID19 vaccine (2020.3.31.)

CEO gave a special lecture in the national pharma-bio forum (2020.4.23.)

Signed MOU with Pusan National Univ. for AI-based novel drug development (2020.5.6.)

Joined COVID19 Vaccine development consortium (2020.5.29.)

Participated in BIO USA 2020 (2020.6.9.)

Signed MOU with Korea Institute of Radiological Medical Sciences (KIRAM) (2020.8.31.)

Signed a co-development agreement of COVID19 Vaccine with Eyegene (2020.9.9.)

Signed a co-development agreement of Alzheimer’s disease novel drug with ADEL (2020.9.28.)

Designated as a special military service company (2020.10.15.)

Signed co-development agreement of drug candidate optimization with Huons (2020.12.16.)


Founded : 2019.3.5. (Headquarters : in Busan)

Pharmulator System Development

Seoul Branch (2019.3.20.)

Venture Business Certification (2019.8.21.)

Kosin Gospel University Hospital MOU (2019.10.21.)


Dr.Wu’s Research

Enhanced Sampling(2008)

Protein-protein interactions (Docking & MD)(2009)

Protein-Quantum Computation(2012)

Blood coagulation proteins

Protein networking theory

Warfarin & Vitamin K epoxide reductase