Innovative methodology for
novel drug discovery

Our technology combines deep learning approaches with molecular dynamics simulation and quantum calculation
to create cutting-edge computational modules essential for scientists to rapidly search for novel therapeutics for diseases.

Key Technologies of Pharmulator™


Deep Learning

Pharmulator™ can predict a protein’s native 3D structure based solely on amino acid sequences.​


MD Simulation

Pharmulator™ offers the analysis of dynamic “evolution” of protein-ligand bindings. ​


Quantum Computation

The investigation of the electronic and nuclear structures of atoms leads to more sophisticated drugs.​


Network Theory

Network Theory plays a key role to predict acute and chronic toxicity of novel drugs.​

PharmCADD’s AI Protein Folding Algorithms

Enable Drug Design Faster than Ever

R&D Team​
Our Fabulous Research Team consists of
multinational scientists and engineers in the fields
of Biophysics, Drug Design, Chemical Science, Quantum Physics,
Pharma-Experimental Biology, Computer Engineering,
Data Analysis and Deep Learning.
Meet the Team